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Cystocele Treatments - Chattanooga, TN

cystocele-Chattanooga-2A cystocele occurs when the bladder prolapses ( falls ) from its normal position, into the vagina. Small cystoceles are common, don't cause many symptoms and rarely need treatment other than pelvic exercises. A larger cystocele ( fallen bladder ) may cause pelvic pressure / heaviness, trouble emptying bladder or bladder incontinence. Treatments from our OB/GYN doctors in Chattanooga, TN, include physical therapy, pessary, or surgery.

Pessaries are plastic rings of various sizes and shapes that are placed in the vagina to support the bladder. A pessary can be used all the time, but many women use them just during times of  lifting or exercise.

Cystocele Treatments Chattanooga from pelvic surgeons and gynocologistsLess severe cystoceles can be repaired through the vagina by suturing the fibrous tissue between the bladder and vagina for support. Larger or recurrent cystoceles may require more extensive surgery.

Physical therapists are on site at some of our Chattanooga OB/GYN locations.