OB/GYN Doctors in Chattanooga, TN offering services such as gynecology, obstetrics, pelvic surgery, Hysterectomy, Mammography, Midwives, to assist with Incontinence and more

Chattanooga Obstetrics

Becoming a mother is one of the biggest transitions a woman can experience. You deserve the best possible care, not only to ease your body through remarkable changes, but to give your baby the best, healthiest start possible. WISH’s obstetric services cover the whole pregnancy from fertility and conception through post-partum care.

Women's Institute for Specialized Healthcare (WISH) offers prenatal care, fertility services, high-risk pregnancy care, prenatal diagnostics and ultrasounds, reproductive endocrinology and referrals for surgeries related to fertility and prenatal care. We also offer preparation for birth including classes on birth and breast feeding, lactation consultation, infant massage, and baby care. We want you to be comfortable and informed throughout this amazing experience so that you can feel confident as you step into this wonderful new role.