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Gynecology at our Chattanooga Women's Health Facility

Gynecological exams are important for detecting and preventing many types of women’s health issues. Yearly Well-Woman visits are a wonderful opportunity to learn more about your body and for your physician to counsel you on how to can maintain a healthy lifestyle. They are also a chance to screen for pregnancy, cancer, STIs, and other health risks, as well as address conditions such as incontinence, infertility, infections, and absent, painful, or heavy menstrual periods.

Every woman 21 or older should have a pap test every three years if she has not had abnormal pap smears in the past. However, your Well-Woman exam consists of more than just a pap smear. The entire exam covers many other aspects of your health, and may reveal if you have a yeast or bacterial infection, or a condition such as endometriosis, fibroid tumors, PCOS, or PMDD. By keeping up with regular gynecologic exams, you can be confident and take control of your health, and get to know your body better.

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